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What is a FlexStation? 

The FlexStation is a patented, multifuel, prefabricated and modular service station that revolutionizes the way fueling infrastructure is created and allows creating a bridge to alternative energies. 


FlexStations look, feel, and operate like traditional service stations. They can be rapidly deployed individually or as part of a network of fuel stations, can be located almost anywhere, and can be adapted to serve all relevant types of fuel presently available in the market including gasoline, diesel, biofuels, Ethanol, CNG, LPG, LNG, and Electric Super-Fast Charge.


There are multiple configuration options, and a modular convenience store can be incorporated. FlexStation’s modularity allows for ease and multi-fuel type dispensing infrastructure add-ons and/or conversions and its proprietary format can be configured as a single or multi-fuel station, providing customers with a technology that remains current as alternative fuels market landscape evolves.


FlexStations completely eliminate underground contamination risks, immediately opening a myriad of service location opportunities for both tenants and owners.

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Who We Are

FlexStation manufactures, installs, and sells factory-made, quick-deployment, mobile, multi-fuel stations for retailers, operators, and energy companies, while meeting the industry's highest safety and operational standards. 

FlexStation is Committed to
High ESG Standards


Committed to zero emissions and believes we can successfully aid road transport move to a low carbon future, by giving our customers flexibility to adapt to the demand for different kinds of energies and to meet their climate commitments


Gender & diversity policies

Labor standards

Employee engagement

Customer satisfaction

✅ 100% minority-owned and managed 

✅ 20% of our management team is female

✅ Highest HSSE Standards


 We are committed to grow with strong corporate governance through transparency and independent board members and advisors

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