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Meet FlexStation

We provide an innovative, environmentally conscious solution that revolutionizes fueling through seamless integration of alternative energy and zero underground contamination risks.

At FlexStation, we redefine fueling infrastructure with our patented, multifuel, prefabricated, and modular service stations—a revolutionary approach to integrating alternative energies seamlessly. Our story is one of innovation and commitment to meeting the highest safety and operational standards for retailers, operators, and energy companies.


Behind FlexStation is a dedicated team of visionaries and experts, united by a passion for redefining the future of fueling. We bring together a wealth of experience in manufacturing, installation, and sales of quick-deployment, mobile, multi-fuel stations. Our journey is marked by a relentless pursuit of efficiency, sustainability, and cutting-edge solutions that cater to the evolving needs of the fueling landscape.

FlexStation stands at the forefront of fueling infrastructure innovation—a patented, multifuel, prefabricated, and modular service station that reshapes the industry and paves the way for alternative energies. Designed to mirror the familiarity of traditional service stations, FlexStations can be swiftly deployed individually or as part of a network, adapting to diverse locations and accommodating various fuels, from gasoline and diesel to biofuels, Ethanol, Hydrogen, CNG, LPG, LNG, and Electric Super-Fast Charge.

With multiple configuration options and the option to integrate a modular convenience store, FlexStation's modularity ensures easy add-ons or conversions for dispensing infrastructure, maintaining relevance as the alternative fuels market evolves. Our proprietary format allows configuration as a single or multi-fuel station, providing customers with cutting-edge technology.

FlexStations redefines the fueling experience by not only offering flexibility in deployment but also by completely eliminating underground contamination risks. This groundbreaking feature opens a myriad of service location opportunities for both tenants and owners, marking FlexStation as a game-changer in the fueling industry

What is a FlexStation?

At FlexStation, our mission is propelled by unwavering values that define our commitment to redefining fueling infrastructure. Our core values include Innovation, Environmental Consciousness, Adaptability & Efficiency.   ​

Our values extend beyond technology to encompass social responsibility. We are committed to fostering diversity, equality, and fair labor practices within our workforce. FlexStation proudly stands as:

What We Value

Pioneering cutting-edge solutions in fueling infrastructure, constantly pushing the boundaries of technology in the industry.



Sustainability is a guiding principle. We prioritize the seamless integration of alternative energies, ensuring our operations are environmentally responsible and future-focused.

Environmental Consciousness


FlexStation stands out for its dynamic approach. We swiftly adjust our strategies to stay at the forefront of technological advancements and changing industry landscapes, all while maintaining a commitment to streamlined and effective operations.

Adaptability & Efficiency


With a workforce that is 100% minority-owned and managed, we prioritize diversity and inclusivity in our workplace.

Diverse and Equal


At FlexStation, we don't just meet customer expectations; we surpass them. Our relentless focus on customer satisfaction is a testament to our commitment to providing unparalleled service and value.

Customer Satisfaction


Upholding the highest standards of Health, Safety, Security, and Environment (HSSE), we ensure a safe and fair working environment for our employees.

Fair Labor Practices


Meet The Team

Jose Cajiga

CEO & Chairman

Our CEO brings over 35 years of entrepreneurial expertise and leadership in the oil & gas industry to the forefront. A seasoned professional, he has successfully led multiple start-ups, consistently enhancing shareholder value and contributing to the growth of the sector. As a co-founder of an oil & gas conglomerate, Jose's visionary outlook has played a pivotal role in shaping FlexStation's trajectory. With an impressive portfolio of over 25 technology and design patents, his multifaceted experience spans design, construction, sales, and operations, demonstrating unparalleled proficiency in both start-up ventures and established businesses. Jose's accomplishments include the successful execution of contracts with industry leaders such as Pemex, Plains E&P, Woodside, Technip Subsea 7, Exxon Mobile, and Shell, cementing his influential role in revolutionizing the fueling infrastructure landscape.

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