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Oil Companies & Retail Marketers

FlexStation's cutting-edge modular fuel solution seamlessly integrates with the industry, providing unparalleled benefits for major oil companies and fuel retail marketers. Discover how FlexStation aligns with your needs, enhancing operational efficiency and future-proofing your fuel station network

We bring our innovative touch to every project, proving that nothing is impossible.

Industry-Approved Excellence

FlexStation proudly stands approved by one of the largest oil majors, ensuring adherence to the highest standards of safety, operational efficiency, and aesthetics. Join a legacy of excellence with a fueling solution trusted by industry leaders.

Agility & Adaptability with Alternative Fuels

FlexStation champions the energy transition, offering agility and adaptability with alternative fuels such as EV charging, Hydrogen, and CNG. Easily switch modules to dispense fuels demanded by the market, promoting sustainability in fueling solutions.

Familiar Operations, No Retraining Needed

Enjoy a smooth transition with FlexStation, designed to function seamlessly within the industry's existing framework. With identical fuel delivery and operational processes, there's no need for extensive retraining. FlexStation integrates effortlessly into your existing operations.

Standardized Equipment, Unmatched Integration

All equipment used in FlexStation is industry standards and off-the-shelf, from pumps to valves and sensors. Enjoy the flexibility to integrate custom equipment seamlessly, ensuring compatibility and ease of maintenance.

On-Site EV Generation and Minimal Footprint

FlexStation empowers you to meet the growing demand for electric power at fuel stations. On-site electric generation stored on the canopy helps overcome grid limitations and provide reliable energy to your customers.

Compact Footprint, Expansive Opportunities

Our modular design ensures a minimal physical footprint, making FlexStation an ideal fit for various locations. Whether you have limited space or want to optimize your existing layout, FlexStation adapts to your unique needs, offering unparalleled flexibility in site selection.

Environmental Leadership

Prioritize environmental sustainability with FlexStation. Above-ground equipment eliminates potential site contamination. Contribute to a greener future, from manufacturing to station operation. Choose FlexStation as your partner for a future-ready, efficient, and sustainable fueling solution

Economies of Scale for Efficiency

Standardization is key to efficiency. Every FlexStation unit is identical, streamlining maintenance, preventive maintenance, and permitting. Achieve economies of scale in installation and operation, reducing costs and enhancing overall network efficiency.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Benefit from a lower total cost of ownership compared to traditional stations. FlexStation's standardized design and streamlined operations contribute to cost savings across the lifespan of each unit.

Safety Excellence

Prioritize safety with FlexStation, boasting a SIL 2 safety rating and a UL certification. This certification ensures that FlexStation meets stringent safety standards, offering peace of mind for the well-being of your customers and staff. Rely on a solution approved by industry leaders.

Rapid Assembly, Deployment, and Relocation

FlexStation offers quick assembly, deployment, and commissioning in weeks, minimizing business and neighborhood impact. Experience the flexibility to relocate swiftly in response to changing circumstances.

Feasibility in Challenging Locations

Say goodbye to location constraints. With no underground tanks, FlexStation makes installations in areas with high water tables or hard-to-dig soil not just feasible but efficient.

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