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Retail Centers & Supermarkets

Unlock the potential of your supermarket or retail space with FlexStation, the innovative modular fuel station designed to revolutionize customer convenience and boost your store's profitability. Discover the array of benefits tailored to enhance your business:

Elevate Your Retail Experience

FlexStation is engineered to attract more customers to your store, increasing foot traffic and maximizing sales per square foot. Leverage the power of cross-marketing initiatives between the fuel station and your store to create a seamless and rewarding customer experience.

Drive In-Store Traffic and Boost Sales


Our modular design ensures a minimal physical footprint, making FlexStation an ideal fit for various locations. Whether you have limited space or want to optimize your existing layout, FlexStation adapts to your unique needs, offering unparalleled flexibility in site selection.

Compact Footprint, Expansive Opportunities


Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional fuel stations. FlexStation's aboveground tanks eliminate the need for underground installations, making it a preferred choice for landlords hesitant about accommodating fuel stations. Explore new sites and possibilities without the constraints of buried infrastructure.


No Underground Tanks, No Limits


FlexStation is committed to promoting the use of alternative fuels, contributing to a sustainable future. Align your brand with environmental responsibility and cater to eco-conscious consumers by offering cleaner fuel options at your fingertips.

Championing Alternative Fuels


 Traditional fuel station installations can be disruptive and time-consuming. FlexStation is designed for quick deployment, minimizing store disruption with installations completed in a matter of weeks. Keep your business running smoothly while adding a valuable amenity for your customers.

Minimal Store Disruption, Swift Installation


Embrace the future of retail without constraints. FlexStation is not just a fuel station; it's a versatile solution that can be relocated to accommodate store format changes. Easily adapt to evolving business needs while maintaining the convenience of a nearby fueling station.

Adaptable to Store Format Changes


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