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Truck Stops

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We pledge to always put the community first. That means being leaders in environmental, social and economic sustainability.

FlexStation understands the constant battle for real estate within truck stops. Our innovative design minimizes the footprint, utilizing only the space under the canopy. Say goodbye to internal department conflicts and allocate more space where it matters most, ensuring a harmonious balance between the fueling and C-store departments.

Optimize Real Estate with Minimal Footprint


FlexStation is your strategic partner in navigating the energy transition. With modular adaptability, it accommodates today's fueling needs and seamlessly transitions to alternative fuels like EV charging, Hydrogen, and CNG when the market demands. Stay ahead of the curve and demonstrate your commitment to sustainability.

Future-Ready Adaptability with Alternative Fuels


FlexStation goes beyond fueling by offering on-site electric generation capabilities. All equipment is efficiently stored on the canopy, ensuring a compact footprint. Cater to the growing demand for electric power in the trucking industry and provide a reliable energy source even in regions with grid capacity challenges.

On-Site EV Charging with Compact Equipment Storage


FlexStation's modular design enables rapid deployment, minimizing downtime and ensuring a smooth integration into your truck stop. Experience streamlined operations with quick installations that align with the dynamic pace of the trucking industry.

Streamlined Operations, Swift Deployment


FlexStation is equipped to dispense a variety of fuels, accommodating the diverse needs of truck drivers. From conventional fuels to emerging alternatives, FlexStation provides the versatility necessary to serve a broad customer base.

Multi-Fuel Dispensing for Versatility


By offering alternative fuels and on-site electric generation, FlexStation contributes to energy efficiency, potentially reducing operational costs and enhancing the overall sustainability of your truck stop.

Energy Efficiency for Cost Savings


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